Customs Broker in San Francisco Port
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ABI Customs Broker in San Francisco Port

Logishouse is your full service customs broker, specializing in U.S. Customs Clearance, inbound Logistics from the port to your warehouse. We are based on the ports of San Francisco and Oakland, California. The founder is from China, and has an extended network of agents in China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Japan, India and other Asian countries. The founder is the licensed customs broker. The founder has more than 16 years experience on supply chain management and logistics optimization, and has been working on customs brokerage industry for multiple years and gained great experiences of working with US customs and government agencies.

Faced by ever increasing regulations, the importer needs the professional services which are designed to expedite your product and documents through the numerous compliance and security requirements of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, and other governmental agencies. It is very important to hire someone who really knows how to work with US Customs and government agencies. More importantly, in Logishouse, you are working with the licensed brokers directly.

We are specialized on importing the textile, electronics, machinery, furniture, stone/ceramic product, metal product, book, art piece, and many other products, . If you are importing them from Asia to the west regions of Unite States, Logishouse is your perfect partner to help you to arrange the customs clearance and the inland transportation from the port to final destination.

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Logishouse ABI Customs Broker
Logishouse ABI Customs Broker

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