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Service Agreement
Power of Attorney for a company
Power of Attorney for an individual
ISF Information Sheet

Lacey Act Declaration Form PPQ 505
Lacey Act Declaration Form PPQ 505B
2877 Form Declaration for Imported Electronics Products Subject to Rediation Control Standards


We need the following documents for Customs Clearance

  • Service Agreement (only first time)
  • Customs Power of Attorney (only first time)
  • ISF information sheet (for ocean shipment only)
  • Identification document.
    • For Individual: Copy of your SSN card (if you want to use SSN as Importer Number) and Copy of Driver License.
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading (for Ocean Shipment) or Airway Bill (for Air Shipment)
  • Other OGA supporting documents if required.

Please email all documents to


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