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The team at Logishouse is comprised of highly specialized experts who work with U.S. Customs and governmental agencis to help you in all phases of classification, entry preparation, OGA compliance and release of your goods. A highly experienced broker will work with you through the entire process. It is our goal to ensure the correct payment of your duty in a timely manner, and avoid any delay of the movement of your goods, providing the best services in the industry.

Customs Bonds
U.S. Customs requires the importer to possess the Customs Bond for most of the formal entries to assure revenue to the U.S. government. Logishouse assists the importers in obtaining the Customs Bonds by offering single transaction bonds to companies which do not import on a regular basis and continuous bonds, which renew annually to companies who are importing regularly.

ABI Customs Broker in California

Automated Broker Interface (ABI)
Logishouse is an ABI broker certfied by the U.S. Customs. Logishouse transmits Customs entry information electronically to U.S. Customs via ABI software. U.S. Customs responds with an immediate electronic message showing cargo release status. We are currently receiving a large number of "paperless" releases in a matter of minutes. ABI also allows us to access the U.S. Customs' database in a number of areas including: importer bond information, harmonized tariff numbers and current quota status.


Automated Clearinghouse (ACH)
Logishouse offers importers the option of paying required duties electronically to U.S. Customs from their own bank account. The ACH will allow the importer to pay their duty close to the due date of Customs duty avoiding the delay caused by multiple party payment steps. This provides better captical utilization because the funds will stay in the importer's account untill the last moment. We can provide the importer with reports of these balances due or withdrawn by U.S. Customs.

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Inbound Logistics
Depending on your INCO term, the exporter (or its agent) usually arranges the transportation from the foreign departure ports to U.S. ports such as Oakland/San Francisco ports. Logishouse will work with the truckers and the other third party logistics service providers in the U.S. to arrange pick-up service from the arrival port, and deliver your product to the final inland destination.

Your Importation Partner
While Logishouse provides full service for your importation needs, we also provide full knowledge , useful documents, and links to help you understand U.S. laws and regulations regarding the importation process. It is our goal to educate our customers such that they are familar with all U.S. laws and regulations, while providing the correct and complete documentation in the first place. It is absolutely key to have all required documents before and during the importation process. For example, Invoice and BOL are required for all entries. Logishouse will provide all neccessary assistance and guidance in your importation business. We are your business partner.


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